Expertise to Suit Your Needs

Zentek Forensics’ Case StudiesIn house IT personnel do not often possess the know-how to secure evidence in a forensically sound manner, which can throw any attempt at a legal resolution into doubt.

Our digital forensic experts are best placed to make sure the correct steps are taken in any circumstance. Below are just a few examples of scenarios where our clients have utilised our knowledge and expertise to assist their consultations or investigations.


Zentek Forensics have expertise in fraud cases.In this digital age, no one is exempt from the effects of fraud. Should you fall victim, we can assist by gathering any potential electronic evidence, allowing steps to be taken to halt the fraudulent activity, recover losses and purse legal remedies.

We can help you to guard against the effects of fraud with forensic readiness plans, secure snapshots of your system and incident response plans.


Zentek Forensics have expertise in defence cases.

Digital media can hold a wealth of data that the prosecution can overlook. We will provide you and your client with all available evidence to assist in fortifying your defence. We have a decade of experience in conducting examinations of the data in conjunction with prosecution evidence. We have the experience to evaluate each case from both points of view. Our findings are presented in a clear, court-ready format.

We have experience in complex cases and the flexibility to present data in the most appropriate manner for your case.

Intellectual Property Theft

Zentek Forensics have expertise in data leakage

Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability are the three principles of data security. There may come a time when you suspect you are being undermined through the theft of your hard work, data, designs, patents and plans. If your business develops intellectual property, the suspects may copy or even destroy years of development and investment. The methods used may evade detection for some time, but there will be a trail to follow if action is taken quickly.

The data trail can be volatile and needs to be acted upon by trained investigators as opposed to IT staff or managers whose quick-viewing actions may alter or destroy valuable data. Prompt action can help you get your company back on track.


Zentek Forensics have expertise in espionage

Espionage has progressed from someone trying their luck to access your data from outside your business to dedicated attacks and data theft. Often the threats can come from a business’ own employees, either directly or indirectly. The damage may have been caused by the selling of intellectual property, customer information or other secure information.

Acting at the right time can protect against those who want to damage your business. Taking snapshots of your system over time can reduce any potential damage and financial loss.

We can provide the necessary incident response and forensic analysis when you believe you are a victim of espionage.