Our computer forensics experts provide a number of forensic services including the preservation of data from computers, tablets, e-readers, CCTV systems and servers. Following its capture, the forensically sound data is examined by our experts using specialist forensic equipment and software. For over a decade we have been examining various platforms including Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X, Linux and proprietary systems.

With our broad range of examination strategies, we can tailor each investigation to your specific requirements. We use industry-leading software, and we have a unique agreement with a leading software supplier regarding the reviewing and categorising of illegal images.

Evidence is reported in a way that you’ll understand. We will keep in constant contact at every stage to make sure the end result matches your requirements and expectations.

Our experts can recover a wide range of data, including:

      • Internet History
      • Emails & instant messaging chats
      • Pictures, videos, audio recordings
      • Documents
      • Social networking data

This list is not exhaustive and just an example of the wide range of our capabilities.

Our experts can recover data from a range of devices, including:

      • Memory cards
      • USB memory drives
      • Hard disk drives
      • Solid state drives
      • RAID configured drives
      • Social networking data

Zentek’s Supplementary Expert Services