Despite our best efforts to retain all of our important documents and data, automated backups and cloud storage inevitably miss something. Whether your backup solution has failed or you had not yet got around to setting one up, your deleted data may still be recoverable.

Deleted data remains on most digital storage for a time after deletion and may be recoverable in its entirety or in part.

If you find that your important data is no longer on your computer, you will have more chance of recovering your data by doing the following:

  1. If the file has recently been deleted, if possible, turn off your computer and make sure it isn’t used until a forensic expert or data recovery specialist can attempt immediate recovery. The longer a computer is used, the lesser the chances of recovering deleted data.

  2. If the computer must remain in use, keep usage to an absolute minimum.  Avoid the creation or saving of new files for as long as possible until you can seek advice from a data recovery specialist.

  3. We advise you to not attempt to recover the files using free or budget software. Attempts of file recovery without a full understanding of the inner workings of a hard drive, can potentially reduce your chances of recovering your data.

Our experts can recover a wide range of data, including:

      • Internet History
      • Emails & instant messaging chats
      • Pictures, videos, audio recordings
      • Documents
      • Social networking data

This list is not exhaustive and just an example of the wide range of our capabilities.

Our experts can recover data from a range of devices, including:

      • Memory cards
      • USB memory drives
      • Hard disk drives
      • Solid state drives
      • RAID configured drives
      • Social networking data

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