Preserving Data and Peace of Mind
Increasingly, businesses are reliant on their digital data. The protection and preservation of your data is likely to be essential, should things not go according to plan. This is where Zentek Forensics can help.

From CEOs to cleaners, many people within an organisation can have access to a surprisingly large amount of your sensitive data. Your email communications and documents may be at risk of being lost, losing information that can be crucial in supporting potential litigation. This data needs to be preserved at the right time and in the right way.

We have investigated data from computers and mobile phones in a whole manner of different scenarios, including internal company issues, intellectual property (IP) theft and suspicion of fraud. Our input into the evidence gathering process has been pivotal to the success of a number of cases.

Forensic intervention can prove daunting. Our ePreserve service means that you now have the opportunity to preserve data from computers, mobile phones and associated media in an efficient way at the right time. We can provide you with forensically sound backups of key devices, held in safe storage for an agreed term.

This gives you time to consider your next step, whether it be to move on to a full forensic investigation or to take legal advice. Meanwhile, you can feel confident that the critical data is secure. Our ePreserve services also allow businesses to preserve data throughout the course of normal business practice, such as when a member of staff leaves.

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