Zentek Forensics are highly experienced in providing a number of forensic services for a variety of family law cases such as Marital Divorce, Child Care and Domestic Violence.

Over the years our qualified forensic experts have been investigating digital devices such as mobile phones, tablets, satellite navigation devices and computers in cases involving child care, divorce and domestic violence.

Please find below two examples of cases we have been involved in and how we were able to assist.

  • Zentek Forensics have expertise in family law cases.

Children’s care proceedings – Our client required a forensic investigation of the involved parties’ mobile phones and tablets to look for contacts, text messages, social media and images which may assist the case. The devices were collected by our security vetted driver and the forensic examination was performed by one of our mobile phone forensic investigators who produced their findings in a suitable report for court.

Divorce proceedings and child custody – Our client required a forensic investigation of the involved parties’ mobile phones to assist in identifying the truth in regards to a divorce dispute. One of the owner’s of the mobile phones refused to provide the correct pattern lock sequence to unlock the device. With the judge’s order our digital forensic investigator successfully recovered the pattern lock sequence and data from the device.

Digital communication between involved parties can be crucial when it comes to divorce proceedings. Digital forensics can be used to assist in uncovering the truth while people go through marital divorce and custody disputes. We have assisted in cases involving child custody, infidelity, abuse and hidden assets.

Our experts can recover a wide range of data, including:

  • Contacts, Call Details and Messages
  • Instant Messaging Chats including iMessages, Facebook, Whats App, Skype and much more!
  • Pictures, Videos and Audio Recordings
  • Social networking including Facebook, Twitter and much more!
  • Internet History and Emails
  • Document files

This list is not exhaustive and just an example of the wide range of our capabilities.

Our experts have recovered data from a range of devices, including:

  • Mobile phones protected with codes, passwords and patterns
  • Fire and water damaged mobile phones
  • Cracked and non-responsive screens
  • Non powering mobile phones and much more!

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