In recent years, games consoles have changed from simple gaming devices to Internet connected devices. Through these devices we can communicate with others online and subscribe to numerous Internet services. They may even be fully featured media and entertainment centres, able to function as a personal video recorder or even a full computer, connected to a television.

The capabilities of the Sony PlayStation, the Microsoft Xbox and even the Apple TV are expanding frequently with each new update. The applications available on these devices give them the ability to do many computer-based tasks from browsing social networking sites to the creation, editing and publishing of video. Using these devices it is increasingly likely that they can be used for many of the illegal activities that could be undertaken with a laptop or a tablet computer. Each task potentially creates a series of records that can be crucial in an investigation.

As with computer-based exhibits, we can examine and analyse the data on a range of games consoles, providing clear reports on the evidence they contain. We can provide advice and assistance regarding the examination of these TV connected devices.

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