At Zentek Forensics, we have a wealth of experience in employment matters and we understand that digital data can be a key component which can show the actions of an individual that may be vital in an employee dispute, ranging from Intellectual Property (IP) theft, fraud and misconduct through to an on-going data breach.

Our Digital Forensic experts can assist you in providing an independent investigation, using the latest digital forensic practices and techniques to recover and analyse the key information in relation to your case. All our investigations provide you with an expert report, which can be used in either a tribunal or court.

  • Zentek Forensics have expertise in employment law cases

Case Study

An employee was dismissed from a marketing agency in the City of Manchester. The employee decided to take his former employer to an employment tribunal on the grounds of unfair dismissal. He claimed he was not invited nor attended a disciplinary interview before his dismissal. His former employer’s claimed he was invited to a disciplinary interview via an email prior to his dismissal.

Zentek Forensics were appointed to lead the investigation as an independent third party to help establish the facts. Our analysis of the recovered emails revealed evidence of data manipulation indicating that the former employer manipulated the time and date to look as if the email was sent prior to his dismissal. After serving our expert witness report detailing our findings, the true facts were put forth to the tribunal panel for their decision.

Our experts can recover a wide range of data, including:

  • Internet History
  • Emails & instant messaging chats
  • Pictures, videos, audio recordings
  • Documents
  • Social networking data

This list is not exhaustive and just an example of the wide range of our capabilities.

Our experts can recover data from a range of devices, including:

  • Mobile devices
  • USB memory drives
  • Hard disk drives
  • Solid state drives
  • RAID configured drives
  • Social networking data

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