Our dedicated mobile phone analysis team have a number of specialist tools available to ensure a full and effective recovery of data from almost any device, regardless of whether the device is protected by a lock or damaged beyond repair.

Our bespoke mobile phone laboratory enables us to perform not only advanced JTAG and Chip-On examinations, but also gives us the ability to attempt to repair and rectify any damage caused to a mobile device. Our expert team have the skills required to repair damaged components to enable a successful examination and verification of data from a mobile device.

Our proven techniques have been instrumental in the successful recovery of data from water damaged mobile phones to tablet computers that have been snapped in half.

A JTAG examination involves the soldering of examination equipment to the main logical board of the device, meaning if a screen is damaged or keypad missing the data can be completely recovered.

Our Chip-On examinations are of a similar nature to the JTAG examinations, however in this case we attach our dedicated equipment to the memory chip itself. Our advanced Chip-Off examinations involves the removal of the memory chip from the device and reading it separately. This technique allows us to bypass many forms of protection, including passwords and highly damaged devices.

Our experts have successfully recovered data form:

      • A water damaged Apple iPhone.
      • A fire damaged Nokia handset.
      • A Nokia handset that was damaged by a shotgun blast.
      • Samsung tablet that was snapped in half by the owner to prevent analysis.
      • Numerous mobile devices with cracked and non-responsive screens.
      • Numerous mobile devices protected with code, passwords and patterns.

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