We have an unrivalled reputation in mobile device forensics. We examine a multitude of devices including mobile phones, tablet computers and satellite navigation devices. State-of-the-art forensic equipment and methods allow us to offer you a high quality data recovery service.

Mobile devices, useful tools in maximising day to day business activities, can also expose your company data to loss, theft and fraud.

Our highly qualified experts specialise in the preservation, acquisition and high-level analysis of the data from mobile devices. Recovery of your deleted data may be possible with our cutting-edge technology. Our results are presented in a clear, jargon free and concise format, suitable for you and admissible in Court proceedings. We will support you throughout the entire process from preservation to presentation.

Our experts can recover a wide range of data, including:

      • Contacts, Call Details and Messages
      • Instant Messaging Chats including iMessages, Facebook, Whats App, Skype and much more!
      • Pictures, Videos and Audio Recordings
      • Social networking including Facebook, Twitter and much more!
      • Internet History and Emails
      • Document files

This list is not exhaustive and just an example of the wide range of our capabilities.

Our experts have recovered data from a range of devices, including:

      • Mobile phones protected with codes, passwords and patterns
      • Fire and water damaged mobile phones
      • Cracked and non-responsive screens
      • Non powering mobile phones and much more!

Zentek’s Supplementary Expert Services