Satellite navigation devices and GPS units have become a vital tool for transport and navigation over the years. With the ever increasing capabilities of these devices, the amount and diversity of data they collect can assist an investigation or fortify a defence.

Our team of experts have access to the latest technology and have developed proven techniques to successfully extract and record all the available data in a forensically sound way. Our specialist laboratory contains tools to isolate the device, extract the data and provide the data clearly in the best format for you.

Our experts can recover a wide range of data, including:

      • Journey dates and times
      • Speed
      • Routes taken
      • Recent destinations
      • Photographs
      • SMS messages
      • Call records
      • User information
      • Locations

This list is not exhaustive and the recovery of data can vary from each device.

Dashboard cameras (or dash cams) are gaining in popularity. A number of satellite navigation devices even include built-in “Dash Cameras”, recording as you drive. Should you be involved in an accident the evidence from these devices can make the difference between you becoming liable for the accident or not. Our team can extract the data in a professional manner, providing the additional integrity your evidence needs and ensuring that no evidence is lost. Our service will even include backing up the footage at our secure premises, keeping it available for future use. Our experts can strengthen the case by ensuring that no tampering with the footage has occurred and can provide testimony to this fact when necessary.

Zentek’s Supplementary Expert Services